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Making a Claim

We appreciate making a claim can come at a difficult and stressful time and we wish to make this process as easy as possible for you and your family.
Our claims fall in to the main categories below, each with a simple stepped process for completing your claim process quickly.

Life Insurance claims
At this sad time we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the financial support you need. Please contact your ADVOCO Adviser on 0800 238 626 or Sovereign directly on 0800 500 195 to notify us of a claim and we’ll send a letter outlining the requirements...

Health Insurance claims
We’re committed to protecting your greatest asset – your health. We want to provide you with certainty at claim time and our prior approval service is designed to make the process stress free...

Major Illness or Disability claims
Protecting your greatest asset, your income, is what income protection is all about. When you are unwell, but still need to pay the bills we make it easy for you to claim...

Business overheads and locum claims
Sovereign's locum cover, business continuity and income protection solutions can help take care of your business when you are unable to work due to illness or injury. Please contact your adviser or Sovereign directly on 0800 500 195 to notify us of a claim...

Mortgage Protection
Your home is your greatest investment so it pays to keep it safe. Mortgage protection can pay off your mortgage or cover your instalments should you die or be left unable to work...

Motor Vehicle claims
Tower have a preferred repairer network for motor vehicle repairs. We will arrange for the damage to be assessed and authorised once we have received notification of your claim and all the necessary information. Please see your ADVOCO Adviser for a list of these repairers and their benefits.

If you have a broken car window or windscreen, you can contact Smith & Smith Autoglass to arrange repairs immediately. In most instances you can claim for this with no effect on your policy. Smith & Smith can be contacted on 0800 80 90 80.

Home claims
If we rebuild your home under an Tower Home insurance claim and if the worst should happen and you lose your home, it’s reassuring to know that Tower home insurance will replace it to current specifications and building requirements, we’ll provide up to an additional $20,000 to buy and install environmentally sustainable equipment and services.

We’ll work with you in choosing the items, which may include:
• solar water heating, a sustainable energy source that can heat up to 75% of your water
• heat pumps, which transfer heat from outside to inside the house, instead of generating heat as traditional heaters do. Heat pumps can be up to 450% more efficient than other heating types
• a pellet burner, which burns energy-efficient, low-emission pellets made of wood waste
• extra insulation in the walls, ceilings and floors (using Best practice insulation as recommended by standards New Zealand).

We want to make this as easy and painless as possible so if you do need to make a claim under a policy we issued call us on 0800 238 626




Steve has made it possible for our family to growth wealth and safeguard ourselves with the right insurance package...
- Gary & Lois Birkett

Steve spent time with me working through my insurance requirements and making changes and recommendations. His communication with the underwriters and myself was excellent...
- Bryce Frewin

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Gregor Mansfield
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