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What would your life be like, if you were totally free from mortgage debt?

The great Kiwi dream is to own your own home. In fact we are among the highest in home ownership in the western world. But what does owning a home really mean... do you really want to own your home or just the front door?

For most home owners the thought of being mortgage free and owning their home is a "pipe dream". What if, being mortgage free was achievable? What if you could be mortgage free quicker and it didn't have a huge impact on your current lifestyle? Would you be interested in making your dream a reality?

Fork in the Road
Thousand's of homeowners are in the same situation as you. They too have have signed up for a life of debt and accepted it as part of home ownership... but it doesn't have be that way. Imagine you're at a fork in the road, one sign reads FOREVER IN DEBT the other sign reads BE MORTGAGE FREE. What road will you take?

How old will you be in 30 years? Is that how long you want to wait, to do the things you always wanted to do?
So the question is: are you going to put up with a 30 year mortgage - for what amounts to be almost your entire life - or are you going to do something about it?

Imagine how life would be if you had paid your mortgage off 5 -10 years earlier than originally planned. You will now have some real choices - whether it is overseas holidays, a university education for your kids, spending time with family, renovating your home or saving for retirement.

Imagine having cash in your pocket, money in the bank and not feeling vulnerable when things don't go according to plan. Imagine a life of no financial stress because your usual $2,500+ mortgage payment is creating wealth for your family.

Imagine being mortgage free!

Debt As A Way of Life
Everyday on the TV we see advertising with 'interest free' this and 'interest free' that, enticing us to buy consumer goods now and pay later. These ads look like you're getting a bargain, but remember you're paying full retail for these items and by the time you have paid them off they are probably worth a fraction of what you paid for them.

Credit card transactions have trebled in number over the last 10 years and now account for around 23% of non-cash payments. At the end of 2007, credit card advances outstanding totalled $5.2 billion, while credit card billings for the year on New Zealand cards were $28.2 billion.

A total of 2.5 million bank credit cards were on issue. Have you ever noticed that the bank increased your credit card limit without even asking you? Banks are there to lend money... the longer the better. That's how they make their billions of dollars in profits. And it's okay to be profitable... but - don't make it at your expense.

Remember, debt is a road to nowhere; yet we spend on average more than we earn... we must change this way of thinking and understand how we can control the amount of debt we incur.

There is a only ONE WAY out of the “roundabout” of debt. As a homeowner, understand that you do have control. You are not helpless and can do things to get you and your family closer to being mortgage free.

It’s also important to remember that home price appreciation should not be relied upon to eclipse the risks of mortgage debt. In other words, don’t count on a rise in the value of property to save you.

The ONE WAY is, in a nutshell: Pay down mortgage debt. We can help you be mortgage free, quicker, faster than you ever thought possible. The question is... when are you going to start your journey to be mortgage free?

The only ONE WAY to be mortgage free is to REDUCE DEBT.
By reducing mortgage debt you will save thousands of dollars in interest payments and take years off your mortgage term.

But first, in order to move forward you need to know where you are now... like finding your place on the financial map. If you don't know where you are, how can you get to your desired destination?

To help you arrive at your destination request your free Be Mortgage Free Report. It’s designed to give you the facts that you need to make an informed decision for YOU... it's tailored to your income and expenditure and gives you realistic goals on how to pay off your mortgage and become debt-free in record time.

Alternatively, you could hold on to your mortgage and continue to pay most of your money to the bank for the next 30 years. The choice is yours....

5 Mortgage Free Myths
Here's 5 myths about repaying your mortgage off early.

# 1. Pay your mortgage fortnightly will pay it off early - FALSE
# 2. You need specialist mortgage software - FALSE
# 3. You need to use credit cards and a revolving line of credit - FALSE
# 4. You need to pay high fees to learn the secrets - FALSE
# 5. You can pay your mortgage off early with no additional payments - FALSE

The only truth about repaying your mortgage off early is to increase your payments - the increased amount comes off your principal which in turn decreases the amount of interest you are charged by the bank and in turn reduces your mortgage term. A small amount each week can make a huge difference over a long period of time. It is as simple as that...

So how do the numbers work?

By increasing your mortgage payments by $50 per week - you could save $98,277 in interest payments and take 4 years and 5 months off your mortgage term - that will save you an additional $127,094 in mortgage payments to the bank - your hard earned after tax money.

This is based on a $400,000 mortgage over 30 years @ 6.00%pa (average rate). The total savings are an astounding $225,371. So could you afford $50 per week? Let's be honest you couldn't afford not too...

$400,000 over 30 years @ 6.00%pa mortgage payments $2,398 per month.
Total paid to bank $863,352 with $463,352 made up of interest.

Or increase your payment by just $50 per week...

By paying only $50 per week extra...
$400,000 over 30 years @ 6.00%pa mortgage payments increased to $2,598 per month

Saving $98,277 in interest and 4 years & 5 months off the term - an additional saving of $127,094.
Total savings an incredible $225,371

~ The above is for illustration proposes only ~


Try your own savings calculations go to:


So let’s get started call on 0800 ADVOCO (0800 238 626)

I have never met a person who gives so much of his personal time to make sure you get what you want when you want it...

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Throughout the last 8 years he has been there to give good advice and always keeps in touch which just goes to show that signing an agreement with Steve is just the beginning not the end of his service to his clients.
- Jason & Marlene

I have never met a person who gives so much of his personal time to make sure you get what you want when you want it. He worked tirelessly after hours to help my son & daughter secure the business they wanted...
Ira Rawiri

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