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our family is ever grateful for the hard work you put into what was a doomed situation. You managed to save us from losing our house through a mortgagee sale auction. All your time and effort in trying to refinance our mortgage has not gone without heartfelt appreciation and recommendation...
- Joyce Maklena and family

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Mortgage stress mortgagee sale mortgage arrearsMortgage Stress

If you get behind on your mortgage payments a lender could sell your home at mortgagee sale - if you don't take action.

We understand that repaying a home loan for the next 25-30 years can have its ups and downs, even with the best of intentions things happen in life - sickness, job loss, large unexpected bills - managing your mortgage is an important part of home ownership.


So how can we help?
We can help at each stage of the mortgage arrears process even if the PLA has expired. We will need to assess your financial position and advise you on your options. We understand the stress and anguish that you must be going through and will do our utmost to assist if we can.

With our 'Mortgagor Rescue Package' may be a second mortgage can be applied for to repay the arrears, may be a family member can help or guarantor. May be a full refinance is required to help you get back on your feet, then refinance back to 'bank rates' at a later date, or sell the property without the stigma of a mortgagee sale.

Over the years as a mortgage broker I have helped save 119 homes for mortgagee sale and saved millions of dollars in equity - I may be able to help you.

The above is for information purposes only and not to be taken as advice. For detailed advice on your situation -

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